HEART Reflections

Teacher Design Learning | TDL

What is TDL? - Teacher Design Learning is a process for teachers to self reflect on their teaching strategies, while taking on the role of facilitator/coach for their students. Teachers are asked to look at instructional strategies, activities, formative assessment, and their overall methodology to improve student learning outcomes. Data is collected by 1) observing classroom strategies over a period of 22 minutes, recording which style of student engagement is developing within 2 minute intervals; 2) tracking which type of strategies where presented in the areas of technology, engagement, instruction, and methods; 3) reflecting on your level of performance when collecting feedback and promoting student engagement.

Teachers will submit 2 (two) total HEART Reflections (both are self observations on the TDL form). Teachers are encouraged to collect this data in their own classroom, while facilitating/coaching their students. When you record your data , you will input your data/information from your TDL form and you will need to also upload your TDL form in order to submit it. Fill out the google form below to record your data.

Note - you will need a google account (email) to upload documents. Items may be downloaded from your computer or other devices, along with google drive.

To learn more about TDL and your HEART Reflections, contact clabe.slone@kedc.org