Rees Fitness - Healthy Eating Stuff

Welcome to online nutrition coaching

Here are some of the things this course aims to help you with:

  • Teaching you about what healthy eating and drinking looks like.
  • Helping you eat and drink healthier for the long term.
  • Minimise your risks of food related medical problems such as obesity, heart disease, stroke etc.
  • Help you recognise your current eating/drinking habits and how to change them for the better.
  • What is food made of, what it's for and why we need it.

And here are some things this course is NOT:

  • A weight loss diet.
  • Aimed at people with special diet requirements due to medical conditions.
  • A detailed break down of every food fad you have read or heard.

How to use this website

The best way to use the information on this website is in conjunction with your training with me. Each week or 2, we will go over a single section of the website and also go over your set homework. Print the associated documents and worksheets and work through them between training sessions. Then, each week we will have a debrief and work out an action plan for the coming week.

But if you don't train with me, that's ok. You can simply work your way through it yourself. But be aware, a major part of succeeding with habit change is making yourself accountable to someone else. So if possible, pair up with someone with the same goal as you and do it together.

Why do we eat/drink what we currently do?

The short answer is "habit". The slightly longer answer is:

What and how we eat and drink is often down to the habits we have fallen into over the years. We eat and drink the way we do because that is how we have done it for ages! It's because of the way we have been brought up by our parents and how we have interacted with our friends and peers in school and work. All these influences have pushed and pulled our eating habits into the shape they are currently in.

And changing habits can be difficult. But trust me, it is not impossible! We can all do it with some practice and patience. And this coaching is aimed to provide you the tools to do just that and make it as simple and painless as possible.

Changing Habits and Behaviours

Habits are behaviours we do without thinking. Our subconscious takes over to make it easy and the food we eat can fall into this category. We can learn to create new eating habits. Keep reading to find out more!

The Steps...

  1. Know what your current eating habits are.
  2. Start with the one you are most confident you can change.
  3. Create some success, so you are more likely to keep going.
  4. Embed that new behaviour before moving on to the next one.


If you would like to get a snapshot of your current healthy eating habits, try taking the quiz below...It will give you an idea of how you are right now.

Answer the questions and submit. But then make sure you click the link to see your score and get some tips on how to improve. Feel free to try the quiz often through the week with various meals and see if you can maximise your score.

The next step...

Now you have a rough benchmark showing where you are starting from, go to the next page and find out if you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle for the better.