safest cookware

Make Your Meals Instantly Healthier by Purchasing New Cookware

Why invest in organic ingredients and prepare healthy meals if the cookware it is prepared in is actually making people sick? There is a lot of concern today about the chemicals that may leach into food from plastic dishes as well as pots and pans. All home cooks need to take the time to understand the potential risks these materials present and choose the healthiest cookware possible.

Know the Risk

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is used during the manufacturing process of most non-stick coatings used on modern cookware. Repeated exposure to this chemical is believed to cause serious health issues like cancer, liver inflammation, and birth defects. It is also possibly what is to blame for lowered immune systems, high cholesterol levels, and thyroid issues in some people.

Protect the Environment

The problem is not confined to the kitchen and dining room. PFOA is released into the environment during the manufacturing process and when items are discarded in landfills. The chemical is known to pollute waterways, including drinking water, and unknowingly pass on the health risks to people consuming the water. This is why it is also a good idea to begin filtering water and to perform some type of system detox once all cookware is replaced.

Make Better Choices

Many experts recommend people stop using their nonstick cookware and start using the safest cookware they can find instead. There are numerous alternatives to consider including cast iron, ceramic, and glass. One of the Healthiest Cookware options is granite. Not only is this a healthy materials it is also a lightweight option when compared to many other choices available.

Shop With Confidence

Finding granite cookware is not difficult. The product is easy to find because it is currently receiving a lot of praise for its safety and quality. The cookware is a porcelain enameled carbon steel. There are no dangerous chemicals and the material does not hinder the taste of the food. It is an efficient and easy to clean cookware that makes meals easy to prepare and clear away.

Forgoing outdated and unsafe cookware is an important health tip for everyone. Some people are happy to discard their old pots and pans and refill their cupboards with something they feel confident using to serve their meals. Other people may be hesitant to invest so much into something they have never used. In these instances, it makes sense for the consumer to transition slowly by replacing one pot or pan at a time.