I'm looking for the son of mother goose

Best regard.

I`m Héctor, healperci@gmail.com and this letter tells a bizarre story about some fantastic beings.

I want to talk to you about the great Thanatos who was a dragon in the age of the dinosaurs, he was a vulture that walked and healed the dinosaurs.

And the legend goes that he built the great gods on the planet: of all the works (spirit) the greatest on this planet will be greater than any other and will have more works(spirits) than all the others and his greatest work (spirit) writes the work (spirit) that transcends This time.

He was similar to this blue dragon, time passed, and he became the great dragon became the current Great Vulture, the spirit of the great condor, master of the air, he is still the great dragon but the animal is the current vulture.

A long time ago there was an ugly duck that couldn't fly... and the Great Condor taught him to do it. That ugly duckling is the Goose, who, seeing that the Condor could only fly with the wind, decided to fly wherever his wings they will take it

The goose and the condor always had a great friendship, but a few years ago The Greatest saw a life that the goose was interested in: Howard Hughes, the Goose built and taught Howard: the ugly duckling built the aviator.

Very shortly after, the Great Condor found another being to teach: Héctor Alexis Pérez Cifuentes, who writes this letter, and has something special: he is the most Amazing powerful coal-fired hypermiler in the universe.

But the Great Condor made a mistake, he called the polar bear and a brown bear as secretaries at my service, they degenerate and bastards did not serve the orders that the Great Dragon friend gave them, they have preconceived rights typical of communists and sexual aberrations guys.

In the year 2000 he offered me stuff from Hughes and even a job at a goose satellite factory, but my response was negative and panicked: I DON'T TRUST HOMOSEXUALS, THEY GET DISGUSTING.

When I told this story to Mr. Emiliano Romero in 2009, he said that it was something esoteric and that he had said nothing: HE DENY EVERYTHING HE SAID.

Thus, a malicious and degenerate queer had damaged my life for the third time (The first time because I did not keep silent about a very strange subject in the year 2000, the second time when I arrived with Celia Cruz without warning, I came with her to insult treat me badly, that lady did it ruthlessly and the third when Emiliano he denied everything she said in the year 2000).

Well, why am I writing all this? A long time ago, watching Howard's story in the movies, I found out that he had a problem with the turbines of this plane, The Super Constellation, and he had to do things to make it fly, because the jet engine was so expensive that, like the ugly duckling, he didn't could fly.

A few years have passed, I know I'm a little late (80 years hehehe), but I know the sequence of a more economical and efficient engine that has not been explored, surely Howard would not have passed Niagara by bicycle, to blow up the airplane.

I am Héctor Alexis Pérez Cifuentes, the greatest work (spirit) of the condor, I am the one who writes the work (spirit) that transcends this time, and the creation gives me a special gift: MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY IN AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION MACHINE WITH A VERY GOOD WEIGHT/POWER RATIO, which it can be accommodated on a plane, that is my great talent and I want to share it with a friend of the Greatest: Goose and his pupil Howard.

This is an S.O.S letter: HELP NEEDED.

The Greatest Being left me alone in a very adverse situation thanks to his friends (That Emiliano and a certain Manrique who have done me systematic damage: I DON'T TRUST HOMOSEXUALS AND THE ABERRATED with bad intentions and these guys are, the great dragon put them in my service and It was the dragon biggest mistake in all the times.

I'm not tied to an elephant, I'm not starving, I have a steady job, but my family and I are homeless: my grandparents' house that sheltered us (me and my family) in the pandemic time, sought after by a higher bidder, this It happens because the offenses do a lot of damage to the big dragon one (and myself too), very bad things happen when someone does something bad. And this pair of insolent secretaries have consecrated a good batch of offenses and nonsense to the biggest one and to me, all because the big one left them at my service, They wanted a homosexual party, money and Howard's comforts, when there was a great job to be done with me and the Great Condor, and not finding any of that, they wanted to harm me and my family, and they did it.

Today I can share the engine sequence with someone who knows how to value it, I want to tell a relative of Howard how to adjust more powerful and efficient engines for his great machines, that is my great talent.

I only ask on behalf of Hughes that someone from the design and motor industry come here, to Bogotá D.C. he talks with me and sees the technical feasibility of the unexplored sequence of the 2-stroke Diesel engine, which can be put everywhere where good power, weight and efficiency are needed.

This sequence is pretty horrible and problematic, I know one better!

You have trips to here, near the house where I live there are hotels, in fact, there is a Hilton a few blocks away, it is not a very big expense for you, it is just talking to a crazy person who knows a sequence that no one has seen, I promise I won't let you down.

More than 12 years ago I asked for help, I only received insults and lies from that Emiliano, who spoke of Howard every day when I met him in the year 2000, as faggots he insinuated himself to me, it was grotesque and I was very disgusted, he offered help from Hughes in exchange for sex or nasty things. That was very ugly, I hoped for Howard's help, which was denied by Emiliano.

This is me with my old motorbike The Wind 125 (The Condor Rides the Wind, Kawasaki Wind 125, the best Indian motor bike ever).

The plate is special too… OSN12A that identify me like the original author of the 120 Technology (the base of the motor sequence that I want to show You) this bike was a great partner of a fractal resolution in the years 2005-2008, but I`ll have to trash it if I couldn’t find a place with an extra parking lot.

Héctor Alexis Pérez Cifuentes