Howard County Coalition to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence

Vision Statement Our vision is to educate constituents of Howard County and individuals throughout the State of Maryland to embrace eliminating intimate partner violence from our society with a sense of urgency.

Mission Statement

 Provide direct educational experiences, information, training, re-sources and support to facilitate achieving the goals of the HCCPIPV

 Establish an increase of awareness to assist participants to be prepared to identify IPV and respond appropriately

 Communicate a sense of urgency and influence participants to end si-lence

 Connect community, local, state and national resources to best serve constituents

 Influence and challenge stakeholders to be proactive to end IPV in our community

Executive Coalition Members

Dr. Lillian Agbeyegbe

Rev. Maxine Ball

Judge Wayne A. Brooks

Ms. Carole Campbell, RN

Deacon Thomas Farr

Rev. Dr. Andrea King

Dr. Akeda Pearson