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Colour Coding Keep Notes

I use colour coding to help me organise my notes in Keep. Below left is what I set up for my work account. Students might use this to set a colour for each subject. See below for instructions for creating your own colour coder image using Canva.

Create your own Google Keep colour coder using Canva.*

  1. Double click on your choice of 6, 10 or 12 colours (above) and download or add to Google Drive
  2. In Canva, create a new custom design 800 x 1200px
  3. Upload the colour coder file to Canva and add to your design
  4. Add text to each section for your chosen categories
  5. Download the finished design as a png or jpg
  6. Add the image to a new Google Keep note
  7. ​Pin the note so it's always at the top

*This could also be done in Google Drawings