Stratex Hazardous Spill Control

What Stratex Spill Containment & Control Could Do For You

Whether your business works with industrial chemicals on a daily basis, or if you offer clean-up services for spills, leakages and anything in between – Stratex are here to help. As one of the leading enterprises in Australia, their high quality spill control kits rely on world-class materials for their construction; allowing you to rest assured that no matter the incident, you’ll be on top of it.

Who Are They?

They are a specialist service looking after the country with same-day dispatch of products, rapid delivery services and a willingness to help like no one else in their field. When it comes to protecting your assets from damage, stains, chemical spills and much more in between; they can be counted on to help you to keep things secure with minimal fuss.

What Do They Do?

With a wide range of products available, each of which can be ideal for dealing with particular industrial accidents, they are relied on by countless businesses, self-employed tradesmen and women; as well as stockists and suppliers. Some of their most popular products include:

· Stratex Spill kits – ideal when dealing with spills of a chemical nature that need to be removed from a surface fast and effectively

· Stratex Absorbents – perfect to literally absorb liquid spillages and then be cleared up ready for safe disposal

· Stratex Storage and bunding options – a great way to safely house and store containers, flammable materials and much more

· Stratex Safety gear – a must have for anyone working within industrial environments to safeguard themselves from hazardous materials and chemicals

· Stratex Site safety solutions – including features for safe storage, categorisation and arrangement, to make the work place safer and more convenient to operate in

You can find a list of all categories of chemical spill products here

The company itself is considered one of the countries’ biggest providers of spillage control products, hazardous chemical clean up solutions and protective equipment.

Who Can They Help?

Literally any environment whereby safety and protection is a top priority; including the mining industry, construction projects, transportation services and general professional services. Their products are developed using the highest grade of materials, often allowing them to outlive their owners – and this is why they are so highly sought after.

How’s Best to Place an Order?

If you decide that you’d like to take advantage of the effective products offered by the brand, the best place to order is online where their virtual store can guide you through the entire process. To ensure that their customers receive frequent opportunities to save, you’ll find a range of specials available at the bottom of their home page, as well as a multitude of products via the category located on their navigation bar.

If you’re keen to keep your work place safe, secure and free from potentially hazardous situations; Stratex promise to look after your needs on an industrial scale. With options to purchase singularly or in bulk, we’re sure you’ll find your needs met with minimal fuss.