First Steps: The 5S

The first step to working with the mec-lab is to keep a clean work area. This saves time and keep even make your work-space safer.

Steps We Took:

  • Sort: We sorted through everything and tossed any trash that didn't need to be there.
  • Set in Order: We moved the computer to make it easier for internet access and moved equipment to make it easier to get to.
  • Shine: We dusted the area to git rid of all the dust and make it overall, a better place to use the mech lab.
  • Standardize: We used the above above methods as our standardized cleaning process.
  • Sustain: We came up with a plan to keep the work area clean everyday.

Before 5S

After 5S



  • Only perform maintenance when the machine is off
  • Make sure all plugs are secure and keep any liquids are away from the machine
  • Don't horse play near the machinery; don't mess around with the machine


  • If any problem occurs, notify the instructor immediately.
  • If you get any chemicals/other foreign substances in your eye, immediately go to the eye wash station and wash your eyes
  • Carefully move the Cart when moving it.
  • Don't step on the pneumatic hose tubes.