Denso Cell

First Steps: The 5S

The first step to working with the Denso Cell is to keep a clean work area. This saves time and keep even make your work-space safer.

Steps We Took:

  • Sort: We sorted through everything and tossed any trash that didn't need to be there.
  • Set in Order: We moved the computer to make it easier for internet access and moved equipment to make it easier to get to.
  • Shine: We dusted the area to git rid of all the dust and make it overall, a better place to use the Denso Cell.
  • Standardize: We used the above above methods as our standardized cleaning process.
  • Sustain: We came up with a plan to keep the work area clean everyday.

Before 5S

After 5S



  • Only perform maintenance when the machine is off
  • Make sure all plugs are secure and keep any liquids are away from the machine
  • Don't horse play near the machinery; don't mess around with the machine
  • Always wear safety glasses when the machine is on


  • If any problem occurs, notify the instructor immediately
  • If you get any chemicals/other foreign substances in your eye, immediately go to the eye wash station and wash your eyes

Steps to Find Continuity on a Multi-meter

Turn the dial to continuity

You need to set the multi-meter to continuity mode.

Get the Cords Ready

Put the black lead in to the COM jack and put the red lead in the V (Ω) jack.

Connect Test Leads

Connect the test leads across the component you want to test.

Listen for a Beep

Listen for a beep. This means that the circuit is closed if it beeps.

Sample Project Tutorial

Homing the Robot


Click "Search Home - All Axes"

The robot is homing...

The robot moves around while homing...

Sample Project

Go to SCORBASE for SCORBOT. Click "File". then "New Project"

Double Click "Label" and name it "TEST"

Double Click "Open Gripper"

Double Click "Close Gripper"

Double Click "Jump to..." and Type "TEST"

Go to "Run", then click on "Run Continuously"