Careers in Robotics

Software Developer

Software developers write and test code.

I see myself doing this in the future. I currently make apps and love solving the problems and helping people. I think teaching everyone how to code is the way to go.

Average Salary: $100,690

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines.

Mechanical engineers are very important, but I don't see myself doing this career. Mechanical engineers work hard everyday to keep the factories going.

Average Salary: $84,190

Sales Engineer

Sales engineers must sell advanced technology to people. They must know the product inside and out.

I sort of like sales engineering, I don't plan to be a sales engineer. I do plan to have a sales job selling phones when I turn 18.

Average Salary: $98,720


Operators make sure the robot is working and will turn on/off the robot.

Operators are pretty cool, they need to be there to make sure everything is going smoothly. I don't want to operate robots in the future, but know this is very important for factories.

Average Salary: $44,949

Robot Technician


Technicians repair and maintain robots.

Technicians are very important to keep robots running and make sure everything is running smoothly. I don't plan or want to be a robot technician. I may want to be a computer technician in the future though..

Average Salary: $51,600