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From Your Hawkwell & Hockley Residents Association

Hawkwell RA established in 1994 serving Hawkwell residents for twenty five years

Hockley Residents Association and AGRO

Unfortunately the Hockley Residents Association, serving the community for 64 years, has wound up due to administration issues. The good news is that Hawkwell Residents Association, 25 years old this year, has agreed to step in and continue the Hockley meetings as a sub committee. Alan James will continue to chair these meetings on a monthly basis using the usual room GG27 in Greensward Academy Creative Arts Block next to the main car park and Lynda Sharp has agreed to be vice chair in case Alan is not available.

The Hockley Residents Association sub committee AGRO (Action Groups Resisting Overdevelopment) meetings will also continue as they do now in the Greensward Academy room but as a Hawkwell Residents Association sub committee. The meetings will normally be chaired by chair Jim Hall or vice chair Jim Cripps.

In general residents attending these meetings will not notice any changes and Alan James will continue to send out info to about 150 residents on his email list. If you would like to be added or deleted from this list please email Alan at alan.james145@talktalk.net These meetings are run by people like you on a completely voluntary basis. The Hawkwell Residents Association is not affiliated to any political organisation, all residents are welcome to attend these Hockley meetings.

We are sure like us you would like to keep Hawkwell and Hockley as nice places to live and have some influence on any future changes. Please contact us to join or to find out if we can help you with any local issues you may have in Hawkwell or Hockley. For contact and detail of all meetings please see our website at: www.hawkwell-hockley.co.uk

Hockley Library Update

Essex County Council put forward proposals to change the way Hockley Library works using volunteers or possibly even close it. An e-petition and a book raid was organised by supporters. We do not believe using volunteers is the way to run this vital service. Modern libraries are constantly evolving with the times including young and older group activities. The computers are always in use including for unemployed users that now need to use the internet to find a job. We have been informed that a decision will be made by ECC in September.

Training Flights

We are still having BA training flights passing low over the Hawkwell and Hockley area. We visited the airport last year and although they will continue they will be mainly in the winter months where possible. The good news is that if Southend Airport continues to increase passenger flight numbers, it will get to a point where the airport is too busy to have training flights, although this may not be good news for those living close to the airport.

New Homes

Normally new homes sell quite quickly, so why have the two new detached houses that replaced the Shadhana Indian Restaurant at 200 Main Road Hawkwell been up for sale for well over a year? Could it be over-development with small overlooked gardens? or being located close to the main road on a sharp bend where car headlights would stream through your windows? or the driveway layout and lack of garages? or could it be the shed like plastic cladding that is probably going out of fashion like stone cladding did?

Ralf Chapman

We had the sad news that Ralf Chapman passed away late last year. He was a long time active member of the Hockley RA and attended regularly with his wife when she was alive. In his eulogy we heard of the very full life he had in his younger years including teaching in the building industry.

Post Office Card Accounts

As you are probably aware most of our banking can now be done at any Post Office. We have been informed by Nick Astdon who runs the Hawkwell Parade Post Office that all Post Office Card Account customers have already or will receive a letter from the Department of Works and Pensions. The letter reads as though they have to give up their account and have their pensions / benefits paid directly in to a bank account. The letter, although sounding like their is no choice, does not in fact say they have to give up their account. As far as the Post office is concerned the Post Office Card Accounts will be reviewed officially by the government in 2020.

To date all card holders who have ignored the letter have been able to continue withdrawing their benefits in a post office branch without a problem. If you are concerned please take your letter when you receive it to your local post office as they will offer further advice.

The following services are now available at Post Offices:

* For 96% of UK banks you can pay cash with a debit card and cheques with a 'paying in' slip free of charge.

* You can withdraw cash using a debit card up to a daily limit pre agreed with your bank - most are set at £300 a day but this may be increased.

* You can pay most bills in a post office, including utilities, telephone bills for free except £3.02 charge for water bills. Best to check for any charges before paying.

* The Post Office ATMs can be used for all UK banks, to draw pensions and benefits.

The Post Offices also supply the following services:

Mail, Drop & Go, Parcel Force Express Services, Foreign Currency, Travel Insurance, National Express Tickets, Savings Accounts, Lotto Tickets and Lotto Prize Payments. In larger Post Offices they also have Passport Check and Send and you can pay your Vehicle Tax.

Hockley Public Toilets

We have been informed that the Hockley public toilets next to and serving the Hockley Library will now remain open. There was a threat to close them and possibly replace them with cubicle style like the new ones opposite the Crown pub in Rayleigh. They are well used are in reasonable condition and Rochford District Council have now agreed to renovate the existing toilets and Hockley Parish Council will maintain them.


We have had a number of complaints about inconsiderate neighbours. Dogs that are put out in gardens to bark incessantly. Probably the reason the owners are not bothered by the noise is that they go out and leave them to bother their neighbours. Back garden bonfires that cause plumes of smoke to drift into neighbours windows when garden waste can now be recycled. Please think of your neighbours before you do anything that most residents would consider antisocial.

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