2020-2021 fall-winter season



What is a Retreat at Havre dê Perche?

It's a shared moment of life, where we try to explore transdisciplinary art and reconnect to one-self to the others and to Mother Nature.

Each one being curated by a specialist in their disciplines, deeply passionate by humanity at its best.

During 3 nights and days, leave the stressfull, judgmental routine, deposit your phone, and dive into the Queen Guru proposal that decides of your faith, your costume and offers you a rich program,

Be it poetry, literature, music, extatic danse, role plays, cinema , or even sexe positivity. You are there to relearn how to let go,to let your inner child fly high.

You'll enjoy our Scandinavian-like Camp, glamour+ camping, Nordic baths, and sauna, warm cover and Doudous.

We can't wait to have you here for exactly what you expected after years of partiing, mature but exciting events respective of your health points and pure candy for your brain.


Protocole d'Extase

Queen Guru: Samy El MoudniEcstatic danceFR/EN

From 15 to 18th october 2020

60's The decade of love

Queen Guru: Davy SihaliCinema, 60'sFR/EN

From 29thoctober to 1st november 2020


Queen Guru: BravMusicFR

From 5 to 8th november 2020

Belles Sauvages

Queen Gurus: Schlampa & SasaNature & animal, body expressionFR/EN

From 12 to 15th november 2020

The castle in the clouds

Queen Guru: Pinky PromiseSex poEN

From 19 to 22th november 2020

Line up of the season

The place

Manoir du Jardin


Inbetween Normandie and Bretagne, the castle will be the ideal cocoon for Perché retreats. Small gauges for extraordinary experiences, the Scandinavian camp installed within the park will have a maximum capacity of 60 people. This friendly and comfortable space will be adorned with tipis heated with wood stove in winter, whose carpets will caress delicate feet. The Nordic baths will relax the spirits that will tend towards the Danish Hygge or the Norwegian Kos.