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In September 2019, I took an early retirement to devote my time to Visual Art; Painting, Photography and Video. First, I joined Mealartistes (Le Mouvement d'Expression Artistique Libre ) a group of local artists and started participating in indoor / outdoor / virtual exhibitions organized by them.

Boating Fest Exhibition



July 7 2019

1st outdoor Exhibition

2019 Fall Exhibition

Omni-Center de Pincourt

26 & 27 Octobre, 2019

1st indoor Exhibition

In short;

Self-thought artist, refuse to follow any established ways of doing things, always experience 'my own ways' and take inspiration from nature and especially birds, but will never say no to any other subject. I use oil painting most of the time, but I also use acrylic, water color and charcoal to exploit the good in each media. I have been painting regularly last 30 years and produced close to if not more than 200 paintings, big and small. Since my retirement in September 2019, I devote my days to Visual Art.