My Journey

I was born in Europe towards the end of 50's and experienced first urge to paint at the age of 8. Kept away from elementary school for 21 days because of "measles", I spent each day by painting one piece - water color on paper. From that day on, I always enjoyed painting.

Aside from art classes in Elementary and Secondary school, I took Fine Art and Creative Art classes in High School (Robert College, Istanbul – 1971 -75).

My first exhibit was at the school’s open house where, several of my works including paintings, ceramic pieces and three life-size clay sculptures were displayed. The only piece that was recovered from those days (Right). During my University years, 1975-1979, I was busy pursuing B. Sc in Engineering and unfortunately was unable to focus on any art activity.

In 1980, I immigrated to Montreal Canada, and did my Masters in Engineering while doing some charcoal drawings on paper. Lack of subjects that interested me to paint, kept me away from any more activities in Art.

White chalk on black paper.