Mathematics Department

Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality. Though different traditions may emphasize different aspects, it is only the interplay of these antithetic forces and the struggle for their synthesis that constitute the life, usefulness, and supreme value of mathematical science.-Richard Courant

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Middle School

Nicolette Schilling - 6th Grade Math 6 and Pre-Algebra

Joey Gonder - 7th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra I

Jill Horsfield - 8th Grade Algebra I and Geometry

High School

Cindy Bernstein - Geometry and Algebra I

Stephen Lewis - Algebra II

Syed Akhtar - Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

Donna Haskins - Honors Calculus AB, Probability and Statistics

Jeff Berkeley - Honors Calculus BC


Stephen Day - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

Donna Haskins - Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

New West Math Department Philosophy

Mathematics is an integral part of the world around us. At New West we strive for our students to see mathematics as an artistic, logical, and problem solving endeavor. This approach encourages students to use, interpret, and analyze the mathematical phenomenon present in everyday life and in more specialized career fields such as computer programming, engineering, architecture, actuarial sciences, Graphic Design, and more. At New West a great importance is placed not only on student mastery of content standards but on the understanding of connections between mathematical concepts and disciplines.

New West Math Department Goals

1. Illustrate connections between concepts using a variety of methods

2. Develop and engage in rigorous problem solving that connects concepts to realistic and meaningful scenarios

3. Enhancing teaching and learning through an increased use of technology

Course Offerings:

Middle School

6th Grade - 6th Grade General Math and Pre-Algebra (Advanced class)

7th Grade - Pre-Algebra and Algebra (Advanced class)

8th Grade - Algebra and Geometry (Advanced class)

High School

Algebra I (College Prep)

Geometry (College Prep)

Algebra II (College Prep and Honors)

Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus (College Prep and Honors)

Calculus A/B (Honors)

Calculus B/C (Honors)

Probability and Statistics (College Prep and Honors)

Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards

The Common Core “Standards for Mathematical Practice” provide the NWC mathematics department a broad set of goals for what students across grade levels should be able to do in each math class. These Practices describe what it means to really “do” mathematics and are extensively reflected in teacher assessment and curriculum material.

MP 1 Understand and Persevere : I can make sense of problems and not give up when trying to solve them

MP 2 Logic and Reasoning: I can use words, numbers, logic, and reasoning skills to help me solve problems

MP 3 Justify and Critique : I can justify my strategy and evaluate I the ideas of others make sense

MP 4 Model with Mathematics : I can clearly show my work using diagrams, words, symbols, and pictures

MP 5 Strategically Use Tools : I can select and use the appropriate tools to help me solve the problem

MP 6 Attend to Precision : I can review my calculations and strategies to see if they are correct

MP 7 Utilize Structure : I can use the structure of a problem to help me find the answer

MP 8 Utilize Patterns : I can find and use mathematical patterns to help me solve a problem