Special Runs 2018

Annual "Dutch Triple Crown" Saturday 31 March - Hares: Opee & Tuna + No Leeway + Strobe My Balls.

  • Dutch Treat Hash Weekend - Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April - Bike Hash on the Saturday and "Bro's are da Ho's" Red Light District Run on the Sunday.
  • KingsDay-Run - Friday 27 April - The Hague Hash does it again, and again and again.


FaceBook - Flyer - Website - Not just another Nash Hash, but a celebration of run 2000 as well for the Hague. All Dutch Hash Chapters are teamed up.

Listing - We collected the European Hash weekends for 2018 for you. May not be complete yet, also keep an eye on these pages by Toad, that is where we got the info from in the first place.

FaceBook - Website - Flyer - If you need to ask, you probably don't want to know. This weekend is a pre-lube to the EuroHash2019. It will take place the weekend before EuroHash2019 to be precise. 9 - 10 - 11 August 2019

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