Dr.Nah's Connected Technology Research Lab.


  • V2X Solutions for Autonomous Driving System & Infrastructures
  • Cloud Networking & Block Chain based IOT Solutions for Smart Factories

Simulator for V2X & Vehicle Dynamics

- The V2X simulator includes vehicle dynamic model-based autonomous driving algorithm. Also, the vehicle model can be driven by a human driver via the cockpit.

- The preceding vehicle model PC gives the simulator data of preceding vehicle or from infrastructure model. From this communication between the PC and the simulator, we can compute the simulation of fault tolerant driving, vehicle platooning and connected vehicle driving traffic control services.

V2X System Verification via Autonomous EV

- The autonomous electric vehicle has lidars, a radar, cameras, GPS/IMU and an embedded system as an autonomous driving controller.

- In order to verify the autonomous driving logic, we simulate V2X communication via 802.11p WAVE or 3GPP LTE WLAN transceiver modules. The simulation can be conducted by V2X simulation tool such as CarSim and CarMaker.

- The goal of this research is to execute field tests of a local transportation system including autonomous vehicles and infrastructures.

Advanced Vehicle Chassis Control

- To improve agility and stability of high performance electric vehicles such as EV hyper cars, we design an integrated vehicle chassis control architecture including GPS/IMU adaptation and V2X communication.