Harvard Link


Access to Link:

Link is currently available to all Harvard employees, including faculty and staff. We are actively working to bring Link to more members of the Harvard community.

If you were redirected to this site from link.harvard.edu and would like to request access, please complete the Access Request Form and be sure to clearly state your Harvard affiliation.


The Office of Vice Provost for Advances in Learning - Research Group is proud to introduce Harvard Link.

Link is a personalized dashboard for members of the Harvard community, starting with faculty and staff, that empowers them to make new and smarter connections with other colleagues, organizations, events, news, and courses across Harvard.

We will provide updates on the Link project via this website.

Highlighted Features

Get personalized suggestions on events, colleagues, and more

Search across Link's data streams to pinpoint Harvard information

Customize your suggestions with keywords & your website

A one-page overview of the Link project

Detailed information about how to use Link and answers to common questions

A growing list of how Link is useful

Data Stats

as of January 2020


Harvard news & events feeds


Harvard organizations


Colleague websites


Harvard syllabi


Harvard news & event listings

Projects that paved the way for Link

The people behind Link

Harvard Link is developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning in partnership with:

Harvard University Information Technology

Office Faculty Development & Diversity

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Institute for Quantitative Social Science

In addition, countless individuals across Harvard have contributed to helping the Link team navigate and build the complex data infrastructure upon which it is built.