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My opinion on Simplicity/Effectiveness:

“Foundation Training, because it begins with muscle activation and alignment in sitting, can be experienced by almost anyone. The instructor guides participants through sequences of muscle contractions/holds resulting in improved posture and control in sitting and standing, but also in transitioning between sitting and standing. The movements are not fast or jarring as speed is not the goal. The result, even at the conclusion of a 30-minute session, is better alignment and more balanced use of the muscles surrounding the body. For people with overuse of a muscles on one side of a joint, or habitual postures that cause discomfort, regular use of Foundation Training, offers a low-impact, controlled way to re-balance and reduce dysfunction.”

Mollie Venglar DSc, MSPT, NCS

Florida Gulf Coast University

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

"Yesterday I was scheduled to have my 6th knee surgery. the past month I have been working on foundation training and retraining my body to work properly and cannot believe the difference. I'll never be 100% but with a little bit more work I am well on my way to at least 75-80%. Thank you Harry Grimm and Erin O'Malley Norton for all your help!"

Harry, Thanks again for another short (1/2 hour) foundation training today, Sunday, on my jobsite. No back pain! I'll be working late into the eventing to get R done. I feel good, refreshed and ready to tear it up. As you know, I hold black belt ranking and above in several martial arts systems. This stuff works well for me ! B

Another happy respondant had 6 half hour classes over 3 weeks (she did do Foundation Training in between). she had listened to my Facebook Live feed and responded...

"The women he is talking about with the one hip 5 inches higher then the other is me. This basically is all the exercise you will ever need. Just because you have never heard of it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. I no longer get up like an old lady out of the chair or out of bed. I get up easily with no problems. I no longer hunch over against the shopping cart in stores. I stand up straight. Foundation Training works all muscle groups including your hands and feet. Best of all it is only 30 minutes. Just because you aren't 50 doesn't mean you shouldn't try it."

Known this guy for 4-5 years and he has been in back pain the entire time. Went to all the specialists to no avail other than pain killers and surgery. Finally got him to try it today. Here is his response Which is too cool for words!

"Harry, no back pain ! Thank you, but our brief workout knocked the hell out of me! Let's blame it on the Florida heat ! Ha ha ha"

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Harry's Training Room- online live training