As we enter into the next phase of our lives, let's do it while

​Standing Tall and Walking Fast

Foundation Training

Move Better......Feel Better.....Live Better.....

Take your health & fitness to a new level by learning the Simplicity of Foundation Training and it's pain relieving, injury reducing techniques.

Welcome! I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about this incredible method; I hope it changes your life like it has mine.

What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a solution to pain and injury caused by damaging movement habits you didn’t even realize existed.

It is a journey of both physical discovery and deepened self awareness that enables previously unknown levels of health and happiness.

It gives you the power to reclaim control over your body and be the best version of yourself.

Foundation Training integrates into everyday life and can be applied to all lifestyles:

​ young & old athletes, beginners, experts in fitness & exercise, etc.

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Listen to Dr Eric Goodman explain Foundation Training

The Foundation Training 30-day Founder Challenge!!!

start anytime and feel better quickly!

We know how powerful our Founder exercise is and want you to find out for yourself.

Not sure how to do a Founder? We created a short instructional video posted below for you to follow along with at least once a day for the full 30 days.

There are no rules to the challenge other than to do at least one a day. If you’re new to Foundation Training, start by holding a Founder for one minute and then gradually build towards longer holds. Don’t limit yourself. You are more powerful than you know.

Although this challenge is only for 30 days, continuing on and learning the rest of the work we teach will bring countless benefits.

Most important, have fun with this because movement should be enjoyable.


Pain is the top Cause of Disability in America.

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

Upwards of 100 million Americans are dealing with pain right now.

Foundation Training can be a simple, fast, and sustainable solution to pain.

Effective. Simple. For you.

About Us

Harry and Linda Grimm have traded in the sleet and snow for a little bit of Paradise. After owning and operating martial arts schools in Massachusetts for over 25 years, they’re ready to offer their knowledge and experience to their new community in Southwest Florida

On my 60th birthday (June 2014) I returned from Park City Utah where I became the 1st instructor in SWFL to be certified in Foundation Training, a revolutionary new program to relieve back pain (and much more) and improve athletic performance, that is simple to learn and easy to sustain.

To see people of all ages, types, and sizes be able to "Move Well...Live Well" and not be limited by age or pain is amazing!

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Harry's Training Room- online live training

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