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Exploring Baptism with Harry Potter

"A fruitful connection for teaching faith can be made between J.K. Rowling's baptism and receiving a Hogwarts letter. The letter doesn't make one magical, nor does baptism make a person into the image of God. Our sacraments do not create our identity, but they name and feed our identity and direct us toward our destiny to be one with God as Christ is one with God." -The Rev. Dr. Patricia Lyons, Teaching Faith with Harry Potter

When : February 15-17, 2020

Where: The Castle at Stronghold Retreat Center, Oregon, Illinois

Cost: $150 per person, full weekend

$50 for one day only

Contact your youth leader for scholarship information

Contact: Jen Enriquez (St. Christopher's)

Shelley Byrnes (St. Gregory's)

Patricia Bonilla (Christ UMC)