Welcome to our podcast! This is a production of the Harrah Elementary School Associated Student Body and the Mt. Adams School District. I’m your host, and Principal, at Harrah Elementary, Rob McCracken. Each episode, the kids and I will engage in a meaningful conversation with a guest of our choice. If this is your first time listening to the podcast, welcome to the show and if you’re a returning listener, thanks for coming back. So, pull up a chair and see what happens when you give a principal a podcast …

Episode 1

The Harrah ASB team, Mrs. Gassling and Mr. McCracken get a feel for life behind the mic.

Episode 2

Kevin Chase, ESD 105 Superintendent

Episode 3

2018-2019 Washington State Teacher of the Year, Robert Hand

2018-2019 Regional Teacher of the Year (ESD 105), Michael Clinton