Harmony House is dedicated to community building through fostering, cultivating, elevating, and promoting the arts and community service in our neighborhood. We host events that uplift, inspire and give expression to the human spirit. We welcome a diverse community from all backgrounds and create spaces for community members of all ages that facilitate elevated conversation, inquiry, consultation and learning. As we grow together and learn from one another we hope to build bridges of unity and respect for all humanity.

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The young founders and teachers of the Ash Street Virtues Class have quietly been making a difference in the lives of children since the group first came together in October 2015.

School seventh-grader Jada Badiyan says that when her family moved to Lake Oswego — to Ash Street, to be exact... [full article]

Reduce plastic pollution

Harmony House (harmonyhouse.co), a local Hallinan neighborhood initiative, meets monthly to discuss ways we could improve Lake Oswego. Consultations have led us to address the environment, both locally and globally.

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