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Top 4 Benefits of Haritaki

Haritaki is the fruit of the tree Terminalia Chebula. The tree grows in India. The fruit is renowned in Ayurveda as the "King of Herbs" for its many remarkable healing properties. It is used in many different ayurvedic herbal remedies. Haritaki’s most noticeable traits are its cleansing and speeding up function of the digestive tract. The historical importance of haritaki for its abilities to affect all areas of health, ties in with the latest health research, showing that the state of the intestinal tract is highly relevant to the health of the whole body

The 4 main benefits of haritaki are:

1. Overall health. Most users and ayurvedic practitioners see an increase in overall health with regular the use of haritaki

2. Haritaki cleanses and detoxifies the digestive tract. Haritaki has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties that speed up the digestive system. This reduces constipation, bloating, and increases overall health

3. Haritaki enhances brain function. Haritaki cleans the pineal gland and brain of toxins. Haritaki has been shown to reduce mercury content in the pineal gland, which in turn affects brain function. Users report

a. Increases in memory function

b. Increased clarity of thinking and cognition.

4. Increase in energy. Most haritaki users report that they have greater energy when taking haritaki. Some users find if they take haritaki at night they are so energized they have trouble sleeping.

How to take haritaki

I recommend organic haritaki. Haritaki comes in various forms, as a fruit, and as a powder. I recommend the powder, further I recommend the powder in capsule form. Haritaki is extremely bitter to the taste, and many people find it overly nasty to consume. Haritaki is best taken at night, just before bed. If taking the powder mix with water or juice.

Quantities of haritaki to take

Be cautious when you first start taking haritaki. Some people find that a very small amount is all they need and more causes excessive bowel movements. Start with one capsule or quarter teaspoon of powder. If your body responds well to the haritaki then increase the amount. You know when you are taking your ideal amount when you find that your bowel movement in the morning is strong, easy and healthy.

12 Major Haritaki uses

1. Overall health

2. Increase in energy

3. Improve brain function

4. Improve memory

5. Applied topically to eliminate infection

6. Cleanse and awaken the third eye

7. Lower blood pressure

8. Reduction in diabetes

9. Weight reduction

10. Increase eyesight

11. Increase in sexual function

12. Ameliorate the effects of Lyme disease

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My discovery of haritaki

I was in India at an ashram in south India with the Indian Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He recommended that we all take haritaki. My first experience was that the taste was horrible for me, but the cleansing effects and lightness that I felt was immediate. He described its effects on us in very compelling ways.

With his clairvoyant powers he says that he sees that haritaki, in addition to increasing health rapidly, has the remarkable effect of awakening the brain to increased consciousness. As his main focus is in increasing consciousness and creating enlightened beings on the planet he has studied it effects very closely and reports that he has never seen anything else have the effects on the body and consciousness that haritaki has.

On my return to the USA I delved into researching haritaki history and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that the ancient mystics and yogis of India have been praising haritaki for thousands of years, as the “King of Herbs”. In Buddhism the medicine buddha is the healing buddha. There are many paintings of the medicine buddha. On those paintings he holds haritaki in both hands. In Tibetean buddhism haritaki is used in almost all the medicines. It was not grown locally so it had to be carried over the Himalayas to reach Tibet to be used.

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