Hardys Bay Foreshore Renewal

Landscape Concept Plans for public exhibition

These concept plans have been sketched up in good faith to provide a basis for community discussion and refinement. They have been worked up by highly experienced landscape architects in this field.

Community groups Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Assoc., Killcare Wagstaffe Trust together with Central Coast Council support progressing this proposal. We will all have input and we are now seeking community input.

Please view the concept plans in their entirety, discuss them with your community and consider making constructive contributions to the process. More information in our 'about' page.

Access Survey Form here. Note: Survey closes 15 August 2017.

Image 1 - provides the landscape concept and precedent imagery

Image 2 - proposes an overview of the various zones under consideration

Image 3 - Maintaining sight lines from residential properties

Image 4 - Landscape concept provides an indicative cross-section

Image 5 - Concept around the Yum Yum Place

Image 6 - Concept of the Sandstone Foreshore

Image 7 - Green Open Space concept