Hardys Bay Foreshore Renewal

Landscape Concept Plans for public exhibition (formal submission period now complete)

Thank you

A very big thank you to everyone, all one hundred and eighty of you, who took the time and effort to comment. This is an excellent response rate. It was very refreshing for those who have invested so much time and effort in this project, to find that overwhelmingly the input was positive and even enthusiastic.

Of the 180 comments, 156 endorsed the project, 14 had mixed feelings and only 10 were against. There were many suggestions and yes, some criticisms, and we would like to answer those here.

First, we have to be realistic in scope and budget. The geographic limits of this proposal are the RSL Creek to the south, the toilet block to the north, the Bay to the west and to the east, the boundary currently defined with log barriers separating the public area from the road.

In view of the positive response, discussions continue with Council to ensure funding in the new Council budget.

Suggestions outside the proposal limits included:

Parking; state of Araluen Drive: this matter has been raised with Council separately, asking for early action to resolve both the parking and uneven asphalt surface;

Narrow footbridge across RSL Creek: again, we have asked Council for action on this to prevent the dangers of walkers being forced onto the dangerous corner of the road. We are recommending widening of the existing footbridge crossing. Construction of a new separate boardwalk crossing between foreshores, through the mangroves, is being considered for inclusion in the project final design;

Araluen Drive/Killcare Rd intersection: the need to quieten this intersection has been raised with Council in the past and has been pointed out yet again; Northern foreshore between the toilet block and Mudflat Creek: this is outside the scope of this proposal. A great future project for someone.

Extend path/walkway to Pretty Beach; Wagstaffe: apart from the possible inclusion of a boardwalk through the mangroves joining the park lands either side of RSL Creek, this is outside the scope of this proposal. A great future project (unless Council takes this option to overcome the issue of the narrow footbridge above).

Suggestions within the scope of the proposal included:

Regeneration of mangroves: There is NO intention to extend mangroves beyond their existing limits and mangrove regeneration has been removed from the scope of the project.

Management of the creek channel and mangroves is the responsibility of the Department of Primary Industries and resident issues regarding flooding due to siltation should be raised directly with that Department;

Planting of eucalypts, tall trees or Coral trees: There will be none. We have nominated a number of small native species suitable for this environment which will not block views including Tuckeroo Cupaniopsis anacardioides (normally associated with dune planting), Prickly Leaved Paperbark/Melaleuca styphelioides, Spearwood Kunzea ericifolia, Kunzea capitata and Coastal Tea Tree Leptospermum laevigatum (see web for pictures);

Single or dual path, straight or winding: this will be the subject of detailed discussion prior to finalising plans, but overall consider one path only to minimise built up area; Path surface finish: lightly embedded artwork suggested, perhaps concrete subtly coloured rather than harsh natural concrete, and this is a great idea;

Lighting along path: considered inappropriate as could spoil the view of the water;

Park furniture: preference for timber park furniture agreed and details to be included in final plans;

Need for an unobstructed events area: for events such as Carols on the Waterfront. Agreed and fully supported.

Shelter/shade for picnic tables: to be considered carefully as there is the need to ensure views and sight lines are not obstructed;

Steps to access foreshore at southern end: agreed, to allow access for kayaks, canoes, rowers, swimmers and other passive users;

Form of Barrier between Park and Road: possible use of timber bollards but to be considered further along with road remedial works;

Fitness Equipment: not to be included;

Children’s playground: not to be included;

Garden/planting to screen toilets: included in design already;

Area to park canoes/kayaks: unclear if more permanent approach required, or more that access to water required to allow people to visit cafes or the foreshore.

These concept plans have been sketched up in good faith to provide a basis for community discussion and refinement. They have been worked up by highly experienced landscape architects in this field.

Community groups Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Assoc., Killcare Wagstaffe Trust together with Central Coast Council support progressing this proposal. Over 180 local people have contributed feedback through this extensive process. Thank you to all of you that took the time to contribute.

More information in our 'about' page.

Note: Survey now closed.

Image 1 - provides the landscape concept and precedent imagery

Image 2 - proposes an overview of the various zones under consideration

Image 3 - Maintaining sight lines from residential properties

Image 4 - Landscape concept provides an indicative cross-section

Image 5 - Concept around the Yum Yum Place

Image 6 - Concept of the Sandstone Foreshore

Image 7 - Green Open Space concept