Life Coach

Life Coaching


Many of the personal journeys my singing clients make during our work together involve identifying and challenging personal beliefs and allowing a more gentle flow of life - often leading, quite naturally, to life transformations far beyond their musical goals.

As part of my holistic work I trained in hypnotherapy and life coaching as I became more and more fascinated by how we experience life through the lens of our beliefs and expectations.

I continue to study and explore as I practice transformative life-coaching conversations.

Conversations that can bring about deep transformation and clarity in our lives.

I offer individual and group coaching programmes in London, Cornwall and online.

If you feel you would like to work with me as a coach, please get in touch.

My journey

I have experienced a number of personal challenges in my own life, which have very much shaped me and invited me to make choices about the person I want to be.

When I was nine years old my only sister died, she was 18 months older than me.

That in itself was unbearable, but the tragedy resulted in alcoholism for my lovely, heartbroken father. After some time living with the desperately sad chaos of his addiction, my parents divorced and the family home was lost to me.

I was sent to boarding school, which I actually loved. It was a very nurturing, creative place and I was able to immerse myself in music, drama and companionship. But I never really spoke of my loss. I always had a big smile.

I didn't see my father for the rest of my teens, and when he died, of cirrhosis when I was 21 I had a massive panic attack.

In those days I had never heard of panic attacks (things were different before the internet and daytime TV!) I genuinely assumed I was having a "nervous breakdown". Terrified, I feared that if people found out they would "put me away".

So I did everything I could to conceal it and avoid having another one, ashamed and disappointed with myself for my "weakness".

I did a great job of controlling my environment and avoiding triggers, but there was always a shadow, and I assumed I was broken for ever.

By the age of thirty both my parents had died. They had all gone.

I remember being back in Cornwall in 1991, the night my mother passed away age just 63, after I had nursed her through cancer.

I felt as if I was on the edge of an abyss, terrified that I could fall into it and lose my mind drowning in the grief that threatened to engulf me. I was scared of my feelings and had no idea how I could possibly continue to function with so much sorrow.

"If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world"

Syd Banks

My subsequent journey of self-discovery has taken me in many different directions - researching therapies and beliefs.

But what has brought me peace of mind is a paradigm that feels completely natural and makes absolute sense.

Known as the "Inside Out Understanding," also known as "The Three Principles". Simply, the function of the nature of thought in the human experience, and a realisation of who we actually are.

Nearly 30 years later - I remember the abyss I looked into that evening in 1991.

It was never there at all. I only thought it was.

Most of the time, the experiences we go out of our way to avoid, the things we spend our energy building defences against are the fear of a feeling. The same way I navigated my life to armour against panic attacks, pain and grief .

Now I see it in an entirely different way. There is nothing to avoid. And if there's nothing to avoid, anything is possible.

This is the foundation of my coaching.