Heather Maîr Thomas


Holistic Vocal Coach

Nurture the voice you love...

"...I'm committed to helping people transform their relationship with their voices....demystifying singing technique and questioning the stories we tell about ourselves..."

Heather Maîr Thomas is an award-winning vocalist, singing teacher and life coach.

She has over 25 year's experience of coaching adults of all standards and stages, and in all styles of singing.

Her clients range from terrified adult beginners to professional performers including David Tennant, Andy Bell and Matt Willis.

Soprano and crossover vocalist, graduate of Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School, life coach and hypnotherapist, Heather combines step-by-step application of practical singing technique with an infectiously lighthearted, relaxed attitude!

How Can I Help You?

Would you like to be able to relax, breathe and enjoy using your voice?

My unique, holistic approach can help recognise your fears, habits and barriers, learn practical solutions and free your natural voice!

(Anxious singers welcome!)

"...Heather's style is so encouraging, warm and personal. She will very gently undo bad habits and introduce basic building blocks of technique that contribute to greater confidence and a better sound...."
  • Do you have anxiety/fears/issues about your singing?
  • Do you need more confidence?
  • Want to improve your vocal control?
  • Want to make mistakes with no fear of consequences?
  • Want to feel safe to express yourself
  • Want to sing with relaxed technique?

What's On Offer?

Join my Virtual Voice Club from anywhere in the world!

Weekly world-wide live Zoom sessions to reduce stress, warm up the voice and lift the spirits! (Nobody else can hear you!)



Discover, develop and enjoy your voice at your own pace with my new online courses!

Private Lessons

Work one to one with me via Zoom for individual attention.

All levels - from adult beginners to professional singers. No auditions. No judgement!

Crouch End Coaching Choir

We continue to maintain our weekly meetings via Zoom and on Facebook!

Looking forward to meeting up again in "Real Life" when it is known to be safe! New members welcome

You have a unique relationship with your own voice....

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"...I'm so delighted to have found the Voice Club! I had such a great time today and it reminded how much I used to enjoy singing.

You're a great teacher...really clear and practical..and I'm beginning to understand a few things that have always escaped me. Thank you.I can't wait for next week!..."

Hear Heather sing a selection of songs & arias from session work,

performances, rehearsals and recordings.

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"Heather is an expert in facilitating adult beginners and those with anxiety issues. With her unique blend of training and application of classical and contemporary vocal techniques, hypnotherapy and life coaching, she is an intuitive, effective and compassionate teacher, with over 25 years' experience..."