Happy New Year Message

  • May The Bad Times Bring In The Ray Of Hope This New Year.
  • Expecting Your Smiles To Become Even Bigger In 2018. Happy New Year.
  • May The Universe Bless You In Surprising And Joyful Ways. Happy New Year
  • It'S Another Year. May Your Dreams Become True And May God Pour Love And Care On You.
  • Attain Those Wings And Soar To New Heights! Flourish And Bloom Your Fullest This New Year.
  • Hope Your New Year Is Filled With Success, Health, Prosperity And Happiness. Happy New Year!
  • Life Is Not About Possession; It Is About Appreciation New Hopes And Aspirations Happy New Year
  • Cheers To The New Year, Which Will Hopefully Be Full Of Good Luck And Happiness. Happy New Year!
  • Thanks For All The Fun, And Lovely Moments We Shared May We Have Lots More In The Glorious New Year.
  • Whether You Are A Dream Or Reality, Or Anything In Between, Just Be You In 2018, Too. Happy New Year.
  • Give Yourself The Time To Heal; Be Gentle With Your Wounds Wishing You A Blissful And Happy New Year.
  • Here Is A Gift Of Love, Wrapped With Care, Tied With Good Faith And Sealed With Heartfelt Wishes. Happy New Year!

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  • Every New Year Wish That I Have Ever Made Came True When I Met You. Thank You, Sweetheart. Happy New Year With Love.
  • Years Come, And Years Go, But Our Friendship Has Stood The Test Of Time. Wishing You The Best In This Upcoming Year.
  • Forget All The Pain, Sorrows And Failures Of The Past Year. Welcome This Year With A True And Big Smile. Happy New Year!
  • As The World Grows Another Year Older I Wish You To Have A Heart That Remains Youthful And Cheerful New Year And Always.
  • As I Think About Our Friendship And How Happy It Has Made Me, I Want To Wish You Happiness In The Year To Come. Happy New Year
  • There Are Things That Are Left Undone Or Some Things Left Unsaid But What Can’T Be Left Undone Is Wishing You A Happy New Year.
  • May The New Sun Of The New Year Bring You Power And Vibrancy While The New Moon Of The New Year Brings You Peace And Tranquility!
  • Colourful Like The Rainbow And Brilliant Like The Sun Fragrant As Roses And Filled With Cheer And Fun Wishing You A Happy New Year
  • Knock Knock! I Am The New Year And I Am Here With All The Love, Happiness, Blessings And Good Fortune For You. Let Me In With Open Arms.
  • This New Year I Am Searching For A Bank That’S Going To Give Me A Big Loan And Then Forget Me Forever. Do Let Me Know If You Find One! Happy New Year Btw!
  • This New Year Never Let Sorrow And Dismay Cloud Your Clarity And Positivity, For It Is The Latter Virtues That Would Help To Bring In Sunshine To Your Life.
  • There Are A Lot Of Things In The World Yet To Be Seen And Experienced. Live Your Life, Explore New Horizons, Go For New Adventures This New Year And You Will Not Regret It.

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