Happy Campers Club

Chairman's Welcome

Hi everyone most of you know me but i will introduce myself to those who don't, I am Donald Bailey proud chairman of the HAPPY CAMPERS CLUB a club that was born on friday the 19th of September 2008 with the arrival of the exemption certificate and what a christening party we had a whopping 25 units out to celebrate the birth of this your new club a club that has dedicated members dedicated to making sure you and themselves enjoy their weekends, some are busy ones, some more relaxed like the kind of people we are.We are giving you a chance to camp with us membership free until the new year so that you can decide yourself if you would like to join us, all meets are on the website, please contact a committee member who will be glad to help you,

Looking forward to meeting you out and about .


Clubs saying by Joshua Bailey Pemberton SMILE AT THE WAVE!

Chairman Donald Bailey