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Certificate of Exemption no 350

HCC is a member of the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organization (ACCEO)

We are a very friendly Club where the members get on very well together and try to make newcomers and visitors very welcome.

We hope that you will have many happy rallies with us.

Please take a few minutes to browse our web site and find out more about us.

The Happy Campers Club run rallies on most weekends throughout the year in and around Lancashire. These rallies provide a cheap and basic form of camping (your own sanitation is usually an essential item - a water point for drinking water and a waste/elsan disposal point being the only facilities on most sites). At some of our rallies you will find entertainment and social gatherings organised, suppers, communal barbeques and fun events. Other rallies will be simple, quiet rallies held in places not usually open to camping.



Meets are restricted to HCC MEMBERS, whose membership cards must be produced if properly requested

OPEN FIRES are not allowed. Stewards permission to be obtained for the use of BARBECUES.

ALL VEHICLES restricted to 5 mph. Vehicles to be parked at right angles to a slope.


CYCLISTS to ride at no more than 5mph or to push the cycle if near to units.

MINIMUM DISTANCE OF 6 METERS (20 FEET) between facing walls of adjacent

units, including awnings.

Members should be encouraged to place a FIRE BUCKET containing water

outside each unit.

ALL ANIMALS to be under control - maximum lead when tethered 6 feet and to be

exercised away from units.

Owners are responsible for collection and hygienic disposal of pet residues.

CHILDREN are the responsibility of their Parents or another nominated adult at all times.


and any games likely to cause injury, damage or annoyance to others, are NOT permitted.

BALL GAMES or Frisbees etc must be well away from units and only with permission from the Steward.

Take your litter home if there is no provision made for disposing of litter in the countryside or at a weekend meet.


Stewards will ensure that generators, when used, do not cause offence to others.

The Club accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for loss or damage to persons or property.

One of the joys of camping is walking in the countryside,

Keep to public paths across farm land,

Use gates and stiles to cross fences hedges and walls Fasten all gates.

Respect livestock, crops and machinery

ensure that children keep a safe distance from the same.

Detailed Rules

1. It is assumed that rally/meet participants will be familiar with the Caravan Code, Code for Campers, the Country Code, the seashore code.

2. Rallies will be open to members of the Club only, in accordance with the Certificate of Exemption under which they are run. Children under 18 will be UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE PARENTS OR AN ADULT APPOINTED BY THEIR PARENTS AT ALL TIMES on all rallies and under any circumstances.

3. Proof of Club membership is to be shown by participating members when requested by those in charge of the rally.

4. One NAMED PERSON known as THE RALLY OFFICER / MARSHAL is to be responsible for the Conduct of the Rally they will ensure that all members will comply with the rules and codes set out here and all that may be added in the future. THEY HAVE TOTAL JURISDICTION OVER ALL MEMBERS WHILST ON THE RALLY TO ENSURE THE SAFE RUNNING OF THE EVENT . However they may appoint helpers where necessary. Safety of the site IS PARAMOUNT.

5. Campers / caravanners should not arrive early at a rally, i.e. before the published opening time and must not occupy the site in the absence of a properly appointed RALLY OFFICER to do so is often a source of conflict with the landowner and is outside the provisions of the Club's Exemptions under which meets are held.

Safety on a Rally

6. All vehicles must be restricted to 5 mph on the Rally field, and learner drivers are not allowed. Vehicles must be parked at right angles to any slope.

7. Units must be 20 feet apart from adjacent units excluding guy ropes never less than 10 feet or 3 metres including them. This is a precaution against fire. . Vehicles can be parked between units, provided that a 10 feet/ 3 meters clear space is left within the 20 feet gap at all times. Tents and units not equipped with toilets shall be arranged in such a way that they have convenient access to communal toilet facilities provided by the club and maintained by the site marshal.

8 Windbreaks are allowed but they must not stretch from one unit to another and a space of 10 feet or 3meters must be maintained

9. Those in charge of the rally may instruct campers / caravanners to take down their windbreaks or awnings on safety ground.

10.Open fires and barbecues are not in allowed, except with the permission of the RALLY OFFICER /MARSHAL. Where permission is given for open fires or barbecues they should be sited well away from tents, vans, awnings, etc.

11.All units carry a suitable BSI and/or FOC standard, fire extinguisher.

12. It is advisable that each unit should have a first aid kit.


13. Respect should be shown to the landowner's property - trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment and stock.

14. Dogs and other pets must be kept under control at all times. No animal is allowed to be loose on the site, and must always be on a lead not more than six feet/2 meters long, if outside its owners unit. Pets should be exercised in an area away from all pitches or ground normally used for pitches or events like sport. Also all mess made by the pet must be picked up by the owner an disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner

15. The Rally Officer /Marshal may instruct any camper to remove his pet from the site if, in his opinion, it creates a nuisance.

16. The Rally OFFICER/MARSHAL, should identify open space suitable for games, which might otherwise intrude on or constitute danger or annoyance to caravaners /campers or others on or around the site. It is forbidden to fly kites and model aircraft and to use catapults, air guns, firearms, bows and arrows etc, on site. Ball games are permitted in the open space identified by The RALLY OFFICER/MARSHAL and well away from all units. FOOTBALL, GOLF, PUTTING OR DRIVING, CRICKET AND BASEBALL OR ROUNDERS MUST RECEIVE SPECIAL PERMISSION, EVEN IN THESE PLACES, MEMBERS MUST ALSO EXPECT THAT PERMISSION WILL USUALLY BE REFUSED. Even games permitted in special areas must be stopped on request of THE RALLY OFFICER / MARSHAL.


17. Each pitch must be left clear of litter at the end of the meet and a careful check made before leaving the field that no litter has been left behind.

18. Noise should be kept at a minimum from radios, televisions and other sources, e.g. generators, and there should be no noise whatsoever between 11pm. and 7am. for the comfort of other site users and those people whom work or live nearby.

19. Campers may only use generators with permission of the Rally Officer. If The Rally Officer considers the use of a generator to be causing a nuisance, then he may ask the camper to stop using the generator or else leave the site.

20. Cars should not be driven on the meet field if at all possible when the ground is wet, to prevent damage to the field. Cars should never be driven by a learner driver ,or at more than 5mph.


21. There must be a clear differentiation between drinking water taps and water for cleansing chemical closets. The two uses must never overlap.

22. The arrangements made for the disposal of waste water and chemically treated sewage must be agreed with the landowner and must take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and to prevent pollution of rivers and streams.

23. Rally participants who use their own chemical toilets must ensure that they are properly charged Green fluid or other environmentally friendly chemicals or use SOC non chemical toilets

24. The contents of chemical toilets must not be disposed of on the rally site except into the disposal point agreed with the landowner.

25. Similarly, wastewater must not be disposed of except as agreed in paragraph 17 above. Members must collect waste water in a receptacle, and should not allow it to overflow and foul the ground.

26. The Rally Officer is asked to give special consideration to the disposal point requirements at the time of the initial site survey. He should bear in mind that the disposal point should not be sited:

(a) adjacent to a brook, spring, stream or river;

(b) adjacent to a well, borehole or adit;

(c) in an area used as a gathering ground for water supply purposes, unless authorised;

(d) in the same area more than once in the season. Potential Rally / Meet sites in category c, above should be avoided unless arrangements have been made with the River Authority.

If a RALLY OFFICER/MARSHAL is particularly anxious to utilise such areas; the appropriate River Authority should be consulted in every case as early as possible and its advice sought concerning waste disposal methods.

27. The disposal sites should be filled in with the excavated earth at the conclusion of the Rally and, where possible, the disturbed turf replaced.

28. Members attending Rallies must take their refuse home with them if receptacles are not provided.

29. At Rallies where refuse is to be collected, however, refuse receptacles should be used. The subsequent disposal of the contents in a proper manner should be arranged with the landowner.

In particular The RALLY OFFICER/MARSHAL is asked to ensure that

(a) the landowner undertakes to ensure the proper disposal of the refuse, or

(b) the Local Authority is requested to collect, or

(c) where an independent contractor is engaged they must be a licensed carrier. The licence must be inspected by the organisers each time a contractor is engaged.

(d) under no circumstances should refuse be emptied into the disposal point.

(e) the land is clear after the Rally / Meeting. and that all club road Way Markers and signs to the site are taken down

30. Essential repairs to vehicles can be carried out so that an unserviceable vehicle can leave the site, but maintenance and servicing are not permitted. THE RALLY OFFICER/ MARSHAL has the authority to allow vehicle and unit washing, provided it can be done discreetly, away from campable ground and with suitable drainage


31. Trading is not allowed at a meet unless authorised by THE RALLY OFFICER, Touting and commercial advertising are forbidden. Campers must not advertise services and goods for sale at meets, except with the permission of The Club COMMITTEE. Notices may not be displayed on a unit, advertising anything whatsoever. A firm's car or van that has the firm's name and description on the sides is acceptable at rallies.

Choice of Venue

32. (a) RALLY OFFICERS/MARSHALS should take reasonable steps to Satisfy themselves that the site proposed for an exempted rally is not subject to an order under paragraph 13 of Schedule 1, or an Article 4 direction, or one for which planning permission has been refused or where enforcement action has been taken.

(b) Care should be taken when arranging Rallies on land immediately adjacent to a Certificated 5 caravan site belonging to another club or this club to avoid a clash of interests with members using the Certificated site unless the proposed rally site is clearly signed posted to avoid confusion between the two sites. A rally site must not clash with the interests of people living locally.

(c) THE CLUB SHOULD seek the agreement of the local authority before arranging a meeting / rally on land adjacent to sites for which planning permission has been granted.

33. Avoid arranging Rallies on prominent sites; sites close to particularly sensitive areas such as Nature Reserves; venues very close to houses other than the landowner's; and on land where it is known that planning permission for camping and/or caravanning has been refused.

34. RALLY OFFICERS/MARSHALS should take care that the siting of caravans does not unduly interfere with the activities of local people, their privacy or their enjoyment of their property. They should also take care that the sitting of caravans does not interfere with the enjoyment of others, or the landscape, natural beauty or nature conservation value of the area and particularly in areas designated for their landscape or wildlife qualities. Local people should be able to carry on their normal activities when Meetings / Rallies are in progress, and disturbance should be minimalised. Complaints should be treated seriously and steps taken to investigate and deal with the cause of complaint.

Frequency of Use

35. Rally organisers must avoid the overuse of any venue, taking into account its position, general suitability and impact on the locality of numbers of units. In National Parks, Rallies can only be held in strict accordance with rally control procedures.

36. Other than in exceptional circumstances, approved by the Local Authority, Rallies must not be organised on successive weekends at the same venue

37. The arrangement of successive five-day Rallies in holiday areas at peak periods involving members moving on from one Rally to the next must be avoided, unless the movement of outfits is spread over a period to avoid nuisance to other road users. Road Safety and Access

38. In popular holiday areas at peak periods (e.g. Bank Holidays) movement of units should be arranged outside the periods of heaviest road use to avoid inconvenience to other road users.

39. The RALLY OFFICER/ MARSHAL should take steps to ensure that travel from major roads to proposed venues should not cause undue disruption. The venue chosen should be situated on good access roads of sufficient width to enable members' outfits to pass any other traffic which may be encountered without difficulty, or disruption.

40. The access into the Rally field should be at least nine feet/ three meters wide, easily negotiable and clearly indicated. Access must be suitable for the number and likely size of units attending The Rally/ Meeting. The arrival and departures should be staggered to avoid disruption to other road users.

41. Where possible, avoid selecting a venue where the access is directly onto a busy 'A' class road.

Advance Bookings

42. Where deposits or fees are paid in advance the conditions under which refunds may be made will be at the discretion of the committee; except that where a doctor's certificate can be produced and cancellation is notified within 24 hours of the event, fees will be refundable.

Alteration of These Rules.

43. From time to time the Committee may amend the above rules.

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