Hao Tang


Ph.D Student

Software Engineering Institute

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science

Peking University

Office: Room 1537, Science Building #1, Peking University

Email: tanghao13 [at] sei [dot] pku [dot] edu [dot] cn

Research Interests

  • Program Analysis


  1. Hao Tang, Di Wang, Yingfei Xiong, Lingming Zhang, Xiaoyin Wang, Lu Zhang. “Conditional Dyck-CFL Reachability Analysis for Complete and Efficient Library Summarization,” Proceedings of 26th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP 2017), April 2017, to appear.
  2. Hao Tang, Tian Lan, Dan Hao, and Lu Zhang, “Enhancing Defect Prediction with Static Defect Analysis,” Proceedings of 7th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Internetware (Internetware 2015), November 2015, pp. 43-51. [Paper]
  3. Hao Tang, Xiaoyin Wang, Lingming Zhang, Bing Xie, Lu Zhang, and Hong Mei, "Summary-Based Context-Sensitive Data-Dependence Analysis in Presence of Callbacks," Proceedings of 42nd ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2015), January 2015, pp. 83-95. [Paper] [Tool]


  • ASE 2016 (tool track): co-reviewer.
  • Internetware 2015: co-reviewer.


  • MSRA Fellowship, October 2015, Microsoft Research Asia. [Link]
  • CCF Outstanding Student Prize, October 2013, China Computer Federation.
  • Outstanding Graduate Prize, July 2013, Peking University.
  • Second Prize, “Jiang Zehan Cup” The Mathematical Modeling Contest, June 2012, Peking University.
  • Excellent Works Award, Baidu PM Star (Competition of Internet Product Design), May 2012, Baidu.
  • Gold Medal (8th Place), ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Shanghai Site, October 2011.
  • Gold Medal (7th Place), ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Dalian Site, September 2011.
  • Gold Medal (10th Place), ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Chengdu Site. November 2010.
  • Silver Medal (12th Place), ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Tianjin Site, October 2010.
  • Silver Medal (25th Place), 25th National Olympiad in Informatics, July 2008, China Computer Federation.


  • Sports: Swimming, Table Tennis
  • Programming Contests [Link]