Han Seo

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics expected to graduate in June 2019 from California Institute of Technology. I am an experimental economist who is interested in both theory and the experiment. In my job market paper, I show how individuals have heterogeneous other-regarding preferences that are consistent across different experimental settings. I also worked on a market-based auction-like solution to a transportation problem where there are non-convexities. My other works deal with how tick size changes in financial markets affect liquidity and the price aggregation process and how the unreliability of a news source can disrupt the information cascade.

Research Field

Primary: Experimental Economics, Microeconomic theory, Behavioral economics

Secondary: Applied microeconomics, Organizational Research


cre8tive [dot] han [at] gmail [dot] com

MC 228-77 Caltech, Pasadena CA 91125


Han Seo. 2018. “Consistency of Other-regarding Preferences: Theory and Experiment”. Working paper.

Butkovich, Lazarina, Nina Butkovich, Charles Plott, and Han Seo. 2018. “Fake News, Information Herds, Cascades and Economic Knowledge”. Submitted to Experimental Economics.

Plott, Charles, Richard Roll, Han Seo, and Hao Zhao. 2018. “Tick Size, Price Grids and Market Performance: Stable Matches as a Model of Market Dynamics and Equilibrium”. Revise & Resubmit, Games and Economic Behavior.

Lee, Hsing-Yang, Travis Maron, Charles Plott, and Han Seo. 2018. “A Testbed Experiment of a Smart Market Based Student Transportation Policy”.

Teaching Fields

Experimental Economics, Microeconomics Theory, Game Theory, Auction Theory

Teaching Assistant

Microeconomics Theory. Spring 2013.

Ec 11. Introduction to Economics. Fall 2016. Fall 2017

PS/Ec 172. Game Theory. Spring 2016

PS 12. Introduction to Political Science. Winter 2016