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The Possibility of Finding Farm and Ranch Jobs for Couples

Married couples who want to share a career together and are not afraid of hard work have some rewarding options, especially if they are willing to travel or relocate. Some decide to become over-the-road truckers. Others decide to go to work on a farm or ranch, perhaps sharing the duties of herd management or running a dairy enterprise. They can keep an eye on listings at a website like https://www.hansenagriplacement.com/ for opportunities.

A Combined Job

Some of the jobs are with large businesses while others still qualify as family farms. The owners of a mid-sized dairy farm, for instance, may want a couple to take charge of two of the three milking shifts. They may be approaching retirement age and finding that the work is getting to be too much. Their teenagers may all have gone off to college or other endeavors and no longer around to assist.

Two Separate Positions

Another possibility would be finding a farm or ranch with more than one job opening so both spouses could work there performing different tasks. One spouse might operate the heavy equipment during planting of various crops and harvesting them at different times of the season. Equipment maintenance might also be part of this job. The other spouse could handle bookkeeping, purchasing, and other office duties.

Another Possibility

In some instances, the couple wants to get started quickly and cannot find anything suitable for both of them on one farm or ranch. In that case, they may comb the listings with an organization like Hansen Agri-Placement to choose those where one spouse can work in the agricultural enterprise and another can work in a nearby community. They'll want to learn about that community's economy to determine whether this is a reasonable expectation.

Housing Considerations

Some jobs listed at sites like https://www.hansenagriplacement.com/ include housing for a couple or a family. That can be expected when the positions require being at the worksite most of the time during the regular schedule. If housing is not provided, the couple will need to evaluate the options in nearby towns or in the local countryside before they consider applying.