Principles of Engineering


Egyptian Way of Material Transport

A compound machine consisting of the inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle. Using this simple machine, a "block" can be lifted onto the pyramid. This technique was first used by Egyptians when they needed a more efficient way to build their pyramids.


Train Gear

The train gear project was one that investigated rotational speed, motion, and torque. Once I had a good idea about these properties I was able to transfer rotational motion into translational motion much like how the wheels of a train move.


Light Up

When first handling the breadboard, I explored several paths to analyze which orientation would efficiently distribute enough electricity to reach different goals whether it was to conserve the battery or light up as many LEDs.


The Ballerina's Performance

The automata project consists of self running machines with the use of batteries that distribute electricity using the circuit. Different gear such as the pulley and worm gear help produce different types of motion that occur at different speeds.

Electric Automata.mp4
Rotated video.mp4

Battery vs. Solar

To explore solar energy versus battery operation, this model was built to quickly switch out the energy sources to compare both. On right side is the battery operated car making the left side a solar powered car.


Cross the Truss

The truss bridge design is a miniature model the displays the structural support from the tension and compression of the trusses.