Digital Electronics

Date of Birth Project

To complete this project, I first had to fill out a truth table that would tell me what segment of the hex display needed to light up to get a certain digit of my birthday. Once I did this I used the truth table to fill out a table for K-mapping and performed k-mapping operations to get the logic expression for each segment. Then I started building these expressions into a circuit on Multisim. In this simulated circuit, I used AOI logic and included NOR and NAND for two of the hex display segments. One of my segments wasn’t working so I troubleshot it and found a loose connection on the circuit, once I fixed my Multisim function correctly. Now I moved on to building this circuit with a physical breadboard. I wired each segment of the display and borrowed terms from previous segments to decrease the number of connections on the board. Each output of the segment circuits into one of the inputs on the hex display but goes through a resistor first. Lastly, I troubleshot my circuit and wasn't able to get the digits to display correctly.

Copy of 2.4.1 Date of Birth Project

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