Arduino & Electrical



With the help of a phototransistor sensor, we can measure the presence and speed of objects on the oscilloscope and Arduino Uno board. In this project, we turned of an LED when the presence of an objected was detected by the photoresistor. What was actually happening is when an object was placed in front of the sensor, it could not send light signals that were needed cue the LED to light up which is demonstrated with the cardboard in this video.

Shaft and CTRE Encoder

This project measures the direction, width, pulse, and frequency of rotations. When when the wiring of the encoder is connected to the Arduino board and channel A & B of oscilloscope, we can see highs and lows of the manual rotations. We can also see which way, clockwise or counterclockwise, the encoder is being rotated based if the channel signal goes from high to low or low to high. Depending on how fast the bar is moved the oscilloscope readings will change its duty cycles and period accordingly.

Data Logger.mp4

Data Logging of a Pendulum

As the pendulum mechanism swings back and forth, data is collected on the oscilloscope. By changing which channels are connected to the red, black, white, ad blue wires, you can see different properties of the pendulum such as position, angle, speed, and period.

Multitasking the Arduino

The Arduino is being multitasked by utilizing the millis function(). This function allows you to perform multiple tasks so in this circuit I am multitasking the 180 degree rotation of servo motors and the alternating blinking of the red LEDS.