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In respect of everyone's safety, I am currently foregoing my normal niceties of presenting biz cards, pleasant smile, brochures, shaking hands, hugs etc. But I'm ready to get to gettin' the job done! I have masks, gloves, wipes and booties! Protecting you, your home, our country and my livelihood!


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If you've already contacted Bob Fletcher, owner/operator of Bob's Handyman & Repair, HandyBobs.com, then we know you've got the right Handyman for the job! (Light electrical, light plumbing, assembly, repair and installation, curtains, cabinet pulls, door handles, art and mirrors, sorry no painting for big floor/tile jobs. )

Handy Bob's Helpers is an ancillary site to assist homeowners in finding the right products to prepare for their home repairs, home improvement or TV mount or mirror/art installation projects!

Speaking of art... The above is one of my enlarged art tiles! We can do reprints for your art, too! Or ask about commissioned art work!

Throughout the site you'll find helpful links to specific Amazon products, Art framing and enlargements resources, and more. Please understand that I've recommended many of these products for years, because of the quality, the ease of installation, warranties, efficient workings etc. but please understand I must disclose we have a affiliate relationships with some of these suppliers & vendors, so we might make a few nickels should you choose to click through and purchase here! We are pleased to be a consistent resource and service provider for you, offer a vetted list of suppliers and appreciate you using our links for all your household needs!

Please visit our Amazon page for a list of popular, easy access home improvement products. Among our most popular:

ME! Bob with 2 of my simple inventions and COVID SHUT IN HAIR! The stay at home order is/was important, but after I got over the surreal shock, the down time drove me a bit crazy. I simply love working with my hands and felt compelled to keep doing projects using materials we had at home. We also built the big blue SIGN of HOPE placed strategically on our patio roof so the whole neighborhood can enjoy it upon entry.

Holly scaled down a version of the HOPE globe she'd inked for the sign, and creating HOPE pendants. The HOPE project and bi-products have been a nice way to support positivism, and supplement our paused income. See More

Pic (to the right) was another project we finally had time for...replacing, re-tiling the old garage sink...though the art tiles didn't stay it was fun toying with the idea of embedding them.

Wall installation, new location medicine cabinet with glass shelves and fully mirrored hinged door for displaying nicer toiletries and perfume bottles. and applying close-up, hair and make up. Ask about my famous bathroom tune-ups!

SIGN of HOPE , Mission Viejo, CA  . Created by Handy Bob, Bob Fletcher, BHR  and Holly Willner, of Inkingly Yours!


Bob's Handyman & Repair is still open, safely and cautiously for case by case basis. Call for urgent home and handyman services! 949 305 8189

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