Simplicity Lawn & Garden Equipment

Simplicity products are only available through authorized independent dealers. While every big retail chain is eager to sell you a new tractor, riding mower or snowthrower, consider what Hammett Motors offers you that the big stores can't. Your decision to invest in a major piece of lawn or snow equipment is too important to be made with the help of a part-time store clerk.

When you consider what's important, the answer is simple.

Buying a tractor can be an overwhelming experience. There are many manufacturers, many features and many decisions. But focus on what's important - quality of cut, traction, reliability, ease of use - and many of these questions will begin to answer themselves. And one manufacturer will stand out: Simplicity is The Way to a Beautiful Lawn. When you consider the total package - quality construction, comfort, reliability, legendary long life, the best cut you can find - no other brand stands up to Simplicity.