Promoting and supporting Grenadian Literature and Creativity

A brief history

We first met each other aged 12, at the now defunct Grenada National Library. Our friendship developed over a shared love of reading, literature and creativity.

By early adulthood we had both joined the Writers Association of Grenada and would go on to lead the association for several years contributing to the inaugural national Spice Word Festival and serving as producers of the annual performance poetry production, The Voices Series (2 - 5)

L-R Jemima Pierre, Russel John, Sherry Hamlet, Clifton Lord
at Voices IV

Where we are today

Today Sherry is currently pursuing her M.A. in Literature and Russel, his MSc in Instructional Design & Technology.

The Hamlet John Award is as much as extension of their shared creative passion as it is a commitment to the mission to promote and support Grenadian literature and creativity.

"We believe in the power of passion and the strength of the Grenadian voice. We want to share it with the world"