What are you looking for in a winning entry?

1. Originality:

  • Does the story display its main idea in a creative way that displays the writer’s imagination and originality?

  • Does the story make use of the authors unique writing style?

  • Do the story ideas consistently flow from beginning, middle and end?

2. Organisation:

  • Does the story keep within the word limit?

  • Does the story make use of English grammar rules such as spelling and punctuation?

  • Does the story have and identifiable and developing plot with a clear conflict that escalates towards a resolution or conclusion?

  • Does the story contain the main components of good storytelling:

      • compelling characterization with intriguing and relatable goals,

      • contributing setting,

      • consistent plot making use of the appropriate amount of tension,

      • vivid imagery,

      • the use of literary devices, and a good 'hook' beginning sentences that draws the reader?