This is the website for the Deacons of the Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, New Zealand.

There are about twenty deacons serving in the Hamilton Diocese which was the first diocese in New Zealand to institute the order. The ministry of the Deacon is one of service and charity, of witness and proclaiming the Good News, and of leadership in prayer and liturgy. The Deacon is committed to the Bishop and the local Church through ordination. His ministry is established to reflect the ministry of Christ, so that strengthened and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, he serves and enables others to serve and thus become actively involved in the faith community. They serve in ports, prisons, parishes and on diocesan agencies and offices and the like. Most are married with children as the order of the diaconate is open to married men. The diaconate was restored in the Catholic Church in 1967 and is found in parishes and diocese all over the world. Here in New Zealand the Auckland diocese has also instituted the order.

Enquiries about becoming a Deacon can be directed to the Diaconate Office, contact Page.