Halloween Tricks or Treats?

While out trick-or-treating, you and your friends stumble upon an old abandoned mansion. The mansion looks like a black silhouette against the light of the full moon. Feeling daring, you and your friends approach the three-story mansion and see spider webs glistening in the moonlight. Laughing nervously, you decide to knock on the door to trick-or-treat. Much to your surprise, your knocking pushes the door open and it creaks loudly. You and your friends peek your heads in to look around in the dark house. Not seeing or hearing anyone, you all cautiously walk inside. BANG! The heavy door slams shut behind you, and your friends let out loud echoing screams! You run back to the door only to find it locked! You and your friends are locked inside a haunted house on Halloween! You immediately start to look around the room for a way out. The windows and doors are locked. On the door, there are four lock codes with a keypad. What are the codes to open the door?

This is the first Halloween that your parents let you and your friends go trick-or-treating without their supervision! To hold you accountable, they gave you a 9pm curfew and if you aren’t back in time, they will confiscate all of your candy! It is now 8:20pm and you have 40 minutes to find clues to unlock the door, get out of the haunted house safely, and return home before 9pm!

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