Hālau ʻŌlelo


Guiding Wisdom

I ka ʻōlelo nō ke ola; i ka ʻōlelo nō ka make - In the language is life; in the language is death.


All participants demonstrate competency and stewardship of Hawaiian language as a daily practice.

Participation type

  • Learn as a:
      • Haumāna (Student)
  • Volunteer as a:
      • Aʻoaʻo (Peer Mentor)
      • Kōkua (Event Participant & Support)
      • Hoʻokele (Administration)
  • Work as a:
      • Kahuaʻo (Lead Mentor)

How it Works

  1. "Like" or "Follow" Hālau ʻŌlelo Facebook Page.
  2. Read the entire Hālau ʻŌlelo Website.
  3. Complete Hālau ʻŌlelo Sign Up Form.
  4. Pay Hālau ʻŌlelo Workspace Tuition as instructed below.
  5. Request to join the Hālau ʻŌlelo Workspace.
  6. Haumāna complete course work in Hālau ʻŌlelo Workspace Units by posting in comments sections of Unit Discussion Posts.
  7. Haumāna can make requests of Aʻoaʻo or Kahuaʻo to lead their class via August 2018 - Hālau ʻŌlelo Class Requests & Availability.
  8. Kumu Kainoa, Aʻoaʻo and Kahuaʻo will post and confirm classes with Haumāna via August 2018 - Hālau ʻŌlelo Class Requests & Availability.
  9. Kōkua sign up for events as a participant or support via event or workshop notifications via Hālau ʻŌlelo Facebook Page.
  10. Hoʻolaukaʻi volunteer their expertise in coordinating and directing with Kumu in all administrative matters.
  11. Clinics, training and development calls are held every week for ALL PARTICIPATION TYPES to join.
  12. Haumāna meet with Kumu to receive permission to complete capstone level project and move on to next level.


  • Hālau ʻŌlelo Workspace Fee:
  • Kahuaʻo Tuition (For Haumāna who request classes with Kahuaʻo):
        • Additional $10 USD per one-hour for requested classes with Kahuaʻo to be paid to Kahuaʻo
        • Payment method will be created by the Kahuaʻo and Haumāna
  • All Tuition includes:
        • Unlimited weekly Course Clinics with Kumu Kainoa, training and development calls
        • Access to recordings of vocabulary, short expressions, and dialogues from text books
        • Invitations to public and private events hosted by Hālau ʻŌlelo
        • (Workspace) Monthly access to entire curriculum, units, answer keys, discussion posts, collaborative projects, and more!

Sign Up

For special online or in-person workshops, conferences and other meeting formats, email requests to halauolelo.hlww@gmail.com.

Our Kumu

Kainoa Embernate, a Native Hawaiian born in Hilo and raised along the Hāmākua coast of Hawaiʻi Island, is the founder and director of Hālau ʻŌlelo and the founder and president of Hawaiian Language Worldwide, a non-profit public charity based in New York City. He received his post-baccalaureate certificate in Indigenous Teacher Education and MA in Indigenous Language and Culture Education from Ka Haka ʻUla o Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. He taught for the ʻAha Pūnana Leo non-profit organization, Ke Kula ʻo Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu Hawaiian medium laboratory school, and lectured at Ka Haka ʻUla o Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. He is currently a Ph.D learner in Instructional Design for Online Learning at Capella University.



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