Powertrain & Kinematics Upgrades

"Digital Wrench" Services

Available Remotely Worldwide or On-Site in the SF Bay Area

Hakcar Performance Packages

The Works: Max Performance for DCT-Equipped Cars

Improved Transmission, Suspension, Differential, Steering, and Stability Control


  • DCT (aka EGS): GTS Dual-Clutch Transmission Software Flash (transmission and all downstream powertrain components on the M3/M4 are the same as the M4 GTS)
    • Faster, smoother shifting, sportier shift point logic, elimination of deceleration lurch, and quicker engagement in reverse
  • EDC (aka VDC): ZCP (Competition Package) Electronic Damper Settings
    • EDC Damper Settings optimized for the ZCP's lowering springs (which are stiffer and have greater mass), making this a wise choice for any lowered M3/M4 using stock EDC dampers
  • GHAS (Rear Differential): GTS Settings
    • Sport-oriented limited-slip parameters for better spirited driving characteristics
  • EPS: GTS/M2 Electric Power Steering Settings
    • Eliminates dead zone near center via damping settings that've been optimized for sportier driving needs
    • Introduces variable assist, at least at very low speeds and when stopped (e.g. parking maneuvers), as the steering will very noticeably lighten up
    • More road feel at/near-center
  • DSC: ZCP (Competition Package) Dynamic Stability Control+Intelligent Chassis Management
    • More permissive M Dynamic Mode for a "sportier envelope"
    • This means there's a greater amount of yaw (aka 'slip angle') allowed before power input is cut

6MT Package (all the above except DCT)


Stripper Special: GHAS, EPS, DSC Only


ZCP Owner's Package (GTS DCT, GTS GHAS, GTS EPS)


"Just the GTS DCT Flash"



(Available only with the purchase of one of the offerings above)

Euro DME Flash: $100

Feature Coding: $50-$80 (depending on amount)

What Customers Have Said

"I can vouch for Dave. He went through the entire process with me as he was doing it. Guy really knows his stuff. If anyone is on the fence about it, pull the trigger and get it done. You wont regret it." - A.K., Remote Conversion Flash

"Had Dave code my F80 [Stripper Special]. Service was quick and courteous. Even checked my error codes while he was there. Regarding results...they are as advertised. EPS coding made a difference. I am very happy. Thanks Dave." - D.C., On-Site Conversion Coding

"I can vouch for Dave coding! I have a ZCP/GTS with Euro [Glare-Free High Beams] now. Someone give me a badge or something." - J.L., On-Site Conversion Flashing/Coding

"[Dave] is an expert in F series coding/flashing. He is one smart guy who knows his stuff. In fact, he's the most knowledgeable BMW coder I have seen so far. His prices are very reasonable and his work speaks for itself." - C.T., On-Site Conversion Coding, Fellow Contributor and Collaborator

But, why choose me?

I'm a contributor first, and a vendor second.

This isn't my profession--it's a hobby, and one I take enjoyment in for a nominal fee that's the lowest on the market, because it's a hobby. In case you care about my profession, I'm a technologist.

I also do my best to make my (and others') findings rapidly available to enthusiast coders via the E-Sys Launcher's integration with a GitHub repo I stood up, and evangelized to other cheats authors.

So, even if you've never looked my way before, if you're an enthusiast E-Sys user, I may have already helped get you the latest features coded onto your car, with less effort, and with programmatic assurance, and without paying anybody, because community.