The trend of killing someone on the behalf of declaring him a disbeliever is increasing day by day. People are so obsessive with their limited information about Islam that they don’t even think before heading towards the execution of act like this. Muslims who were suppose to be the leading nation of the world, they were taught to be kind and patient. Every year Muslims choose Hajj Package which journey is meant to learn fundamentals of Islam but they never learn anything. Before calling someone else a disbeliever, have we ever monitored our own intentions and deeds? People declare another Muslim fellow with such words and then the family suffered whole their life. Before you call someone with it, it’s your responsibility to search for it, killing someone is not the attribute of a Muslim. Allah has awarded you with the power of wisdom, so use it where it is needed. Don’t listen to the voices coming from nowhere, even if someone is wrong or have done any deed against the Muslim’s tradition. Islam still doesn’t allow you to be a murderer of anyone. It is the violation of human dignity; you have fallen from the humanity. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) had suffered a lot, many voices he have heard against him and Islam but never responded anything like this. Instead he adopted the attribute of kindness and generosity to make people believe and follow the path of truthfulness. We are not a judge to declare the punishments, let’s leave it all to Allah. You should do what you are supposed to, determine your purpose, see if you have the list if deeds you can declare yourself a believer? Follow the path of faith, a person who have learned whole about Islam, will never implement these kinds of acts but someone who do not have enough knowledge regarding it, will definitely fall in the trap of spreading hate.

So, don’t spread hatred, in fact be the voice of love and peace, let people feel the kindness of a Muslim and show the world a real Islam, which is a religion of peace not war. Select your Hajj Package and spend your time in learning fundamentals of Islam, determine your goal of life and follow the path of Prophet instead of responding unfaithful personalities around you.