Hair Loss Remedies

Propecia, how does it work?

Propecia is actually a remedy against prostate enlargement, namely Finasteride. But because it reduces the production of the male hormone testosterone, it is also used as hair growth medium, and against baldness. Hair loss, baldness, hair loss ... At low doses, the active substance Finasteride reduces the effect of testosterone on hair growth. Nature that men often get bald early and most men find this annoying. Best Solutions to help reduce or deal with hair loss, see this site page

Hair Loss Remedies

Combat hair loss or baldness at an early stage

Hair loss or baldness can start very young. quite often, 15-year-old young men are even bothered by it. 'Getting bald' is often hereditary. If your father has already become bald at a young age, then chances are that you have inherited this as well. But usually baldness or hair loss occurs when men age a little, between 20 and 30 years of age it is quite common. As men age, it is becoming more common. Also other complaints are more common, such as erection problems (flaccid penis) and other aging phenomena. The hairline can retract at baldness, there may be inlets on the forehead and bald spots on the head. The sooner the baldness begins, the greater the risk of complete baldness as time goes by. Propecia is the registered brand name of the hair growth product. Research has shown that this really works as a hair growth product. It contains the active substanceFinasteride in low dose, namely 1 mg.

To stop bald

Baldness, hair loss, inlets on the forehead ... Men become bald and often feel uncomfortable with them. A hair growth product is no longer a fairytale. Propecia is a hair growth agent that really works. For baldness it is prescribed per 1 mg per day. The drug is given in a higher dose of 5 milligrams, prescribed to men with prostate problems. Thanks to the substance, the flow of the urethra is better and complaints such as 'often to the toilet, always urinating and feeling pressure,' become less. The active substance Finasteridebelongs to the group anti-androgenic. This means that Finasteride has an effect on the hormones. Men who are prescribed the drug to treat an enlarged prostate therefore take a higher dose than men who are prescribed the drug to promote hair growth. As a hair growth agent , 1 milligram of Propecia is prescribed per day. Propecia in the lower dose often causes hair to grow on bald spots on the head. An ideal remedy for baldness .

Procepia against baldness, hair loss or bald

Propecia is therefore prescribed by doctors, prostate enlargement (5 mg), or baldness (1 mg). Propecia (Finasteride) in the 1 mg dose is a medicine against early stages of baldness in men.

Hair loss

Baldness in men (androgenetic alopecia) is common. It is a form of hair loss, leaving bare spots on the head. Many men find it very bad to be bald and can suffer a lot of mental problems. Baldness is almost always hereditary. Becoming bald is becoming more common as men age, but can also occur at a young age.

  • Recognize baldness
  • Baldness often starts with inlets on the forehead.
  • Baldness often starts with a round spot on the back of the head.
  • The hairline can recede.
  • Hair can become thinner and fall out.
Hair Loss Remedies
Hair Loss Remedies

Baldness treatment

In the past, nothing could be done for baldness. Men were advised to massage the head regularly with all kinds of spreads and water, which unfortunately had no effect on hair growth. Nowadays there is something to do with baldness. Minoxidil is a lotion that promotes hair growth externally, Propecia is 1mg and tablet and this works from the inside. Propecia (finasteride) is a medicament for the treatment of early stages of hair loss in men (androgenetic alopecia). It has an effect on the male hormone testosterone, with the result that hair will grow again in bald spots on the head.

Propecia as a treatment

Scientific research has shown that Propecia stops hair loss and can improve hair growth, especially in men aged 18-41 years. Finasteride is the active substance of Propecia, and this substance is generally well tolerated. A tricky side effect may be that the libido declines. Less sense in lovemaking. Against baldness has the proven effect. Often the treatment leads to a reversal of the hair loss problem, resulting in new hair growth.

Hair growth remedies

Another hair growth product that has been scientifically proven to work is Minoxidil Lotion. In contrast to Propecia, Minoxidil is used externally. You can read more about both treatments, at the bottom of this article, with related links.