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Hailun Zheng (郑海伦)

   Phone: +1 8328595243

   Email:   zhengh@uhd.edu


   Department of Mathematics and Statistics

   University of Houston-Downtown

   One Main Street S749

   Houston, TX 77002

I received my Ph.D from University of Washington in 2017, under the supervision of Isabella Novik. My research interests lie in geometric and topological combinatorics. 

My non-mathematical hobbies include hiking and  photographing. I finished a martial arts novel several years ago. I am interested in Chinese paintings and manga arts.

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Employment and Education

2022.8-present, University of Houston-Downtown, assistant professor 

2020.8-2022.7, University of Copenhagen, postdoc

Mentor: Karim Adiprasito

2018.1-2020.6,  University of Michigan, postdoc

Mentor: Alexander Barvinok

2017.8-2017.12, MSRI, Geometric and Topological Combinatorics Program, postdoc

Mentor: Eran Nevo

2012.9-2017.8,  University of Washington, Ph.D. student

Thesis Advisor: Isabella Novik

2008.9-2012.6,  Fudan University, undergraduate student

Thesis Advisor: Meng Chen (陈猛)




NSF Grant DMS-2246739, Geometric combinatorics on polytopes and spheres,  2023-2026.



   University of Houston-Downtown   

      Math 1301 College Algebra   Spring 2023 and Autumn 2022

      Math 3309 Number Theory   Autumn 2022

      Math 2307 Linear Algebra   Autumn 2023

      Math 2309 Discrete Mathematics   Autumn 2023

  University of Michigan

      Math 214    Applied Linear Algebra.     Winter and Autumn 2019

      Math 115    Calculus I.                                   Autumn 2018

      Math 590    Topology.                                     Winter 2018

      Math 567    Coding theory.                         Winter  2020

  University of Washington

      Math 324    Multi-variable Calculus.    Autumn 2016, Spring 2015

      Math 309    Linear Analysis.                      Autumn 2015

      Math 307    Differential Equations       Spring 2017, Winter 2015

      Math 124    Calculus I.                                  Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant

   University of Copenhagen (graduate level)

      Commutative Algebra                                  Block 3, 2020-21

      Invitations to Combinatorics   Block 2, 2021-22

  Unversity of Washington

      Math 126    Calculus III.                               Spring 2013, Autumn 2014

      Math 125    Calculus II.                                 Winter 2013

      Math 124    Calculus I.                                   Autumn 2012


Summer REU at the University of Michigan, 2018

    Project: The triangulation of the product of spheres

    Students: Alexander Wang [website], Jonathon Jacobs

Lab of Geometry at the University of Michigan, 2019

    Project: Lower dimensional flag triangulated manifolds [description]

    Co-mentoring with Christin Bibby [website] and Andrew Odesky.

Senior project, University of Houston-Downtown, 2023

    Project: Persistent topology and application in data science

    Student: Ross Mccoy