Welcome to the Nano-optoelectronic Materials group!

Our group is affiliated with the Molecular Spectroscopy Department at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

Our research focuses on optical and electrical characterization of low dimensional optoelectronic materials and their integration into devices. The material systems which we are interested, include but are not limited to: two dimensional (2D) monolayer semimetals (e.g. graphene) and semiconductors, quasi-2D semiconducting colloidal nanoplatests and 1D atomically precise graphene nanoribbons, etc. Employing time-resolved, ultrafast spectroscopies (THz spectroscopy, transient absorption, time resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy etc.), we aim to understand fundamental processes of photogenerated carriers in optoelectronic materials, e.g. carrier generation, hot carrier cooling, exciton formation, charge separation and charge transport at nanoscale. Eventually, we wish to correlate these ultrafast dynamics with the performance of optoelectronics (laser, LEDs), and energy conversion efficiency in the photovoltaic and photochemical cells.

Group news!

25/09/2018: With the CSC fellowship support, Xiaoqing joined our group for her PhD research on: optical and electrical probe of ionic and molecular transport in graphene-based two-dimensional materials and devices. Welcome!

01/09/2018: With the CSC fellowship support, Shuai joined our group for his PhD on studying ultrafast carrier dynamics in perovskite materials! Welcome!

01/09/2018: Wenhao joined our group for his PhD study on exploring the many-body effect in GNRs. Welcome!

01/08/2018: Naveen joined us for a three-month summer internship. Weclome!

24/07/2018: A paper entitled Efficient Hot Electron Transfer in Quantum Dot-Sensitized Mesoporous Oxides at Room Temperature has been published in Nano Letters.

01/07/2018: After about 1 year's internship with us, Xiaoyu came back to join us as a PhD student with a fellowship support from MAINZ graduate school. He will focus on controlling the hot carrier dynamics in graphene for his research. Welcome back, Xiaoyu!

30/05/2018: Simon Bretschneider, Ivan Ivanov, Hai Wang and Mischa Bonn have published a collaborative paper with Columbia University on Quantifying Polaron Formation and Charge Carrier Cooling in Leadā€Iodide Perovskites in Advanced Materials.

011/05/2018: Hai, Dmitry and Mischa are part of a collaboration that has published a paper in Science Advances on carrier multiplication in graphene entitled: The ultrafast dynamics and conductivity of photoexcited graphene at different Fermi energies.

07/05/2018: Heng joined our group for his PhD study on carrier dynamics in GNRs. Welcome!

01/01/2018: Paniz joined our group for her PhD study to explore the trion dynamics in GNRs. Welcome! The project will be carried out in a close collaboration with Akimitsu Narita's group at MPIP.

01/08/2017: The starting of our "Nano-optoelectronic materials" group! With a fellowship support from MAINZ, Alex will investigate strong exciton effect in graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) with us.