Tilburg Carnaval Hash

& Pyama Party

A 2-day Hash Weekend By

Amsterdam H3 - Run 12xx


The Hague H3 - Run 2037

We Need Numbers - Read this health warning ! then Sign Up !


A Casa Di Pink Panter

  • Anna Paulownahof 161 - 5038V Tilburg


Saturday 2nd March (plus the Sunday if you really really want). The hares and cooks are Just The Tip and Pink Panter.

How to get there

By train to Tilburg ! And then a twelve minute leisurely stroll to where you need to be. Or rent an ov-fiets at the train station.


  • Run - runners and walkers trails
  • Food - Let know if you are a veggie
  • Dress Up - We hit town (pay as you go) and you really look ridiculous if you are not dressed up as some ridiculous idiot
  • T T L T H (Take The Last Train Home )

Or ...

  • Join the Pyama Party - It is wise to bring a sleeping bag and something like an air mattress. Hotel facilities suck at Pink Panter's place and you have to make your own breakfast.
  • Breakfast -There will be breakfast stuff available. And a kitchen with cooking gear. But you need to prepare the stuff into something palatable yourself. If there is not enough stuff, we might send you to the supermarket to get stuff.
  • Hangover trail (if we can find a volunteer hare) , don't be disappointed if no-one is interested.
  • We close the Sunday by watching the Carnaval Parade and drink tea (or something else) to warm up from the cold. And it will be cold. It is always cold at the Carnaval Parade .



WhatsApp: +31 629 101 905

Read this health warning !

This is not a professionally managed event. We are not sure about how many hashers will fit in a 70m3 apartment and whether there will be enough breakfast and so on (supermarket in walking distance though).

We therefore might appeal to basic survival skills.